Cinco de Mayo!

We had an amazing Cinco de Mayo celebration in Kindergarten.  Ms. Angie outdid herself again, by bringing this tradition from her culture to the students in both Kindergarten classes.  First the students were given sombreros, mustaches, beads and flowers.

She also brought dough, tortilla presses, and griddles so the students could make their own tortillas.  These fresh off the griddle tortillas were then topped with chicken, cheese, and beans.  There were many other yummy foods for us to enjoy as well!

Dr. Powell came again to share some Mexican music with us!  We are getting used to singing and dancing along with him!  Hmmmmm, what can we ask him to perform for us next week?

Our festivities ended with a Mexican goodie bag full of treats for each student to take home!

Words can’t express our gratitude to Ms. Angie for bringing Cinco de Mayo to us!  Enjoy the video of all of our fun!


STEM. . . rocking chair!

This week’s STEM challenge was to build a rocking chair.  The main criteria was that it “rock” and would hold the weight of the Oriole Bird.  The same materials used in the past challenges were available again.  The students have become so successful with visualizing, planning, and building the structures based on what they have discovered about the properties of the materials used.  We love to watch them at work!

Here is a video of the live footage as the students tested their structures!

Tea with Mom’s!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms in our lives!  We enjoyed a special afternoon with our mom’s on Thursday!  When they arrived, we presented them with a special hat, made just for them.

We also read a special card to them, telling them the reasons we love them so much!  After that, we sang a song written especially for them.  We know most of you captured this on video, but if not, just get your child started with the words, “A, your adorable, B, your so beautiful, and they will continue the rest for you!  This precious rendition of song was followed by the story, Love You, Forever, by Robert Munsch.  This book was written by Mrs. Rice’s favorite author, and has been a family favorite in the “Rice house.”  Finally, the children got to their favorite part, cookies and tea!  They served their moms, and then themselves.

After this special snack, everyone continued to sip on their drinks while painting a still life together.  This was another keepsake of this special afternoon together.  We hope this artwork will be framed and hung to remember “Mother’s Day, 2016” for many years to come!

STEM Challenges

We are continuing our weekly STEM challenges in Kindergarten!  One of our recent challenges was to build a swing set using a variety of materials.  The students were paired together and were presented with cardboard tubes, egg cartons, jumbo craft sticks, yarn, rubber bands, and masking tape.  They were also introduced to “Crabby”, a small stuffed crab, and told to build a swing set that Crabby could play on.  It was amazing to watch the students debate what materials would be needed and then work together to strive to meet this challenge.  Once again, some creations failed, and the children had to “try and try again.”  The final results are on display in the Kindergarten hallway.


The following week the students were given the same materials, with the addition of red plastic Solo cups, and asked to build a rocket.  The requirements were that it had to have wings, and be able to stand on its own.  This time the students were given the option to work with a partner, or on their own.  Half of the class chose to work with a classmate, while the other half decided they liked working alone.  Regardless, most were successful in meeting the challenge!

Aloha, Hawaii!

We had a very memorable end to our IPC Unit, Hooray. . . We’re Going on Holiday, with an all day trip to Hawaii!  The students arrived at school and received a luggage tag for their backpack, and a boarding pass for the flight from our BWI airport, to Hawaii.

After the children’s luggage was stowed, and they received their complimentary lei from Hawaiian Airlines, they chose their seat in the airplane and waited patiently for take off.  Safety instructions were given about emergency exits, flotation devices, and beverage services available.

Once in the air, water and fruit snacks were passed about the cabin to be enjoyed by the passengers, along with an in-flight movie, with specific facts about Hawaii.

When the aircraft safely landed, the students departed the plane and received grass skirts and the itinerary for the remainder of their stay.  They first participated in many activities, involving learning the Hawaiian alphabet, creating a volcano, and making a Hawaiian person and totem pole craft.  They also participated in a photo booth and hula hoop contest.

These activities were followed by a luau, organized by Cammie’s mom, Ms. Angie!  The children were served rice, fruit, pizza, and a very creative dessert.

After our amazing food extravaganza, we were treated by a musical performance by Dr. Powell.  We enjoyed his version of Hawaiian themed music and couldn’t help but break out in spontaneous dance while listening to it!

What a wonderful time we had on our trip!  We will remember it always!  We would like to thank the Room Parents of both Kindergarten classrooms and the other parents who sent in items to help make this day happen!

Here is a video of the highlights of the day!  We hope you and your family enjoy it together!


STEM with the Huffing, Puffing Wolf!


We spent the week in Literacy doing many activities with the story, The Three Little Pigs.  We practiced making the story come to life by changing our voices for the various characters.  We continued this theme during our weekly STEM lesson.  The students used familiar materials to construct a house for the three little pigs that the wolf would not be able to blow down.

We tested each child’s structure with a “wolf” blow dryer.  Check out the following movie for live footage of these events!


Grandparents and Special Person Day!

Wow!  We had a fabulous time with our grandparents and special guests who were able to attend school with us on Friday morning!  We greeted our visitors with a hug, and then conducted a short interview about a favorite vacation they took when they were a child.  It was fun to hear about these special memories and we will add them to the  map we are using for our “Hooray, we’re going on holiday” thematic learning unit.

Next, we listened to a story together, followed by a game of “Special Person” bingo. For the bingo game, Mrs. Rice read different activities like, “baked cookies,” “went to the movies,” and “been on vacation together,” and the students marked the spaces that described different things they had done together.  It was  fun to hear the reminiscing taking place as different memories were being remembered.

Our final activity was to make a special keepsake together to remember our morning.  Each student drew a picture of themselves with their special guest, while the guest decorated the frame for the picture.  May these bring back memories of this special day for many years to come!

Before heading home, we took our guests upstairs to the MPR and sang the top ten hit, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, in English, Spanish, and Japanese!  We enjoyed sharing our classroom with all our special friends.  Enjoy this movie showing all of our fun!